Avoid Being the Holiday Drunk!

It is best to eat fatty foods immediately once you start drinking.  Those cheese accompaniments, heavy spreads and pates, sardines, foie gras and appetizer meats all slow the absorption of alcohol into your stomach lining, so you can enjoy your cocktail or wine without getting drunk.

Do not drink carbonated beverages!  Sparkling water and sodas increase stomach motility, causing a faster absorption of alcohol into the blood stream.

Drink plenty of water between drinks!  Staying hydrated is vital in preventing hangover headaches and excessive intoxication. One or two glasses of water per alcoholic beverage should keep you hydrated, while allowing your liver the time it needs to process the alcohol.

Stick to dry wines & enjoy hard drinks on their own. Mixing drinks in the wrong order causes quicker inebriation. If you must mix it up, beware of having a beer at first before switching to spirits. It’s much better to start with a hard drink e.g. A shot of vodka or a martini and then nurse a beer or carbonated drinks slowly thereafter.

Coffee makes everything worse!  Coffee will only dehydrate you further and agitate the digestive and nervous systems, causing a serious hangover. Avoid it after the party as it will only intensify your buzz.