"Chef of the World"

Chef Marc Vogel , also known as Cuisinier Mondial, or “chef of the world”, is a renowned culinary renaissance man who has been teaching, making guest chef appearances, and preparing meals across the globe for heads of state, kings, queens, and international gourmet societies for over 30 years.
Master Chef Marc Vogel
ChefMarc Founder & CEO

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Above:  ChefMarc with Spanish artist, Félix Mas

Vogel’s culinary expertise has earned him a reputation as an esteemed international guest chef. As a dedicated teacher and a continual avid student of the culinary arts, Vogel’s personal philosophy is “if you don’t learn something every day, life’s over."

Vogel has committed to a lifelong career of traveling the world to learn and share his love and appreciation of the culinary arts with others. Vogel’s devotion to learning from chefs worldwide while passionately sharing his knowledge with others has established him as a respected and influential member of the epicurean world.

Compliments to the Chef

  • “Marc always makes the most flavorful food you’ll ever taste.”
    Joseph Schmidt
  • "Your C&E classes are always filled, your techniques and preparations are exceptional!"
    Chef Hervé Le Biavant
    Executive Chef
  • "The success of the International Association of Culinary Professional's 24th Annual Conference would not have been possible without Chef Marc's contribution and investment of time, talent, and energy."
  • "I congratulate Marc in advance on his book! I really do believe that everyone should be cooking like this and that his book will go a long way in moving people toward that direction."
    Chef Michael Chiarello
    Founder & CEO
  • "I congratulate Chef Marc for concepting lamb recipes that are both quick and easy in preparation, yet sophisticated in flavor profile, which is exactly hat our retail consumers desire."
  • "I thank Chef Marc for sharing his experience and wisdom with our class during the wonderful 'Foods of Provence' program at the Culinary Academy. What a treat to be able to ask questions and spend time with such a highly regarded, professional chef."
    Mary K. Andrews
  • "Thanks especially to you for your tremendous and essential help, Marc." (For coordinating, prepping, and overseeing the dinner.)
    Francis Ford Coppola
  • "Marc Vogel is a son of a bitch!"  (True Story!)
    Francis Ford Coppola
  • “I have known Marc Vogel for years both professionally and personally. Marc is a very skilled chef whose cooking style is creative and whose passion for his craft is infectious.”
    The Late Gene Burns
    KGO ABC Radio Host
  • "ChefMarc's recipes will make you want to go right into the kitchen and start cooking!"
    Marion Cunningham
    Best-Selling Author